Abimbola Olatoye

Deputy Head of School

Deputy Head


Abimbola Olatoye is a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert and a Microsoft Certified Educator with a BSc(ED) degree in Mathematics and a Master’s in Statistics. She has over a decade of experience in the education sector.

Abimbola is an award-winning educational manager and leader with a lifelong passion for imparting knowledge and ensuring high moral standards by laying a solid foundation for all. She has several certifications in Solution Based Counseling and Emotional Intelligence. She is passionate about children with learning needs and believes that a properly established child is a symbolic conglomerate of the concept of the family, the teacher, and society at large. She is a mentor of mentors, a poet, an artist, and a motivational speaker. 

As the Deputy Head of School, she works with a fine blend of seasoned professionals to ensure effective teaching and learning, world-class delivery, and the development of the total child.

Bowine International School is a leading stakeholder in the education industry. We therefore, pride ourselves on igniting, cultivating, and nurturing the dreams and aspirations of our young and budding talents while maintaining and promoting an enabling environment for all staff to develop their personal and professional portfolios.


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